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Animals cannot speak for themselves or defend their rights so they depend on people to protect them. When we stand up to protect animals we learn how to be better people.  There are many ways you can help animals in need. You can foster abused dogs, you can donate to animal rights organizations, or you can raise awareness in your local community. See some ideas below!

Volunteer and Foster

If you want to help animals you can volunteer at a local shelter. Many of them have youth programs available.  You can help clean and groom the animals or take them on walks for exercise. Another idea is to provide foster care for abandoned, neglected, and abused animals. Foster care is when you provide a temporary home and take care of animals until they find a permanent home.

To learn more about what it's like to be a foster home listen to this interview with Mike Berry a volunteer leader at Foothills Animal Shelter.




Learn more about becoming a volunteer or foster home check with your local animal shelter or visit the website of the Animal Humane Society.

Berry Interview
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Donate and Support

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA) describes how important it is to donate and support organizations like theirs.

"Animals are easily exploited and harmed. They have no voice. Without a strong, local advocate who can enforce animal cruelty laws, work to stop cycle of violence, and provide safe shelter, nourishing food, and veterinary care, the animals of Southern California will be treated like so much trash - thrown away, neglected, beaten, and forgotten."

Please consider donating to  local and national organizations with a strong record of protecting animals. You can find a list of some of these organizations here.

Protest and Raise Awareness

Did you know that there's an International Animal Rights day dedicated to protecting the rights of animals and remembering victims of animal abuse?

Every year, December 10th is International Animal Rights day.  One way you can help animals is to participate in an event in your community on December 10th or to organize an action or event dedicated to animals on December 10th.

Animal Rights Day was organized to give animals the same kinds of protection and recognition as are mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .Like humans animals are sentient and deserve rights.

Learn more about Animal Rights Day here

sign an animal rights petition

 There are many petitions that unite people in voicing their concerns for animals across the world. There are petitions to ban  fur sales, to stop animal trapping, and even to protect the great apes from human viruses.

To read the stories behind these petitions and sign them yourself go to

Help Stop Animal Abuse!