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Shelter and 

Volunteer Efforts

Scroll down to see all the amazing work shelters and volunteers are doing across the world to help animals in need.

Shelters and Volunteers

According to an an NPR report, there are about 14,000 shelters and pet rescue groups in the U.S. They help nearly 8 million animals each year, including abandoned abused and homeless animals.


Many of these groups work with The Humane Society of the United States. According to their website, The Humane Society "complements the work of local groups and animal rescue leagues by focusing on national-level issues like ending the puppy mill industry, strengthening cruelty laws and eliminating large-scale animal abuses."

Denver Dumb Friends League

The Denver Dumb Friends league has a mission to end pet homelessness and animal suffering. The global organization organization was founded in 1910. Denver's Dumb Friends League is the largest community-based animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region.

Bobbi Priestley is an animal abuse  investigation officer with the Colorado Humane Society, which is part of the Denver Dumb Friends League. Click here to hear an interview with Officer Priestly.

Denver humane society interview
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Student Volunteer Opportunities

The Animal Humane Society runs a summer volunteer program for high school students. According to their website:

Student volunteers cover a variety of volunteer shifts available at any of our four locations. Volunteering work includes:

  • Ensuring shelter animals receive excellent care and socialization as they await new homes

  • Assisting customers interested in adopting an animal from AHS

  • Shadowing staff in a variety of fields such as Animal Care and Veterinary Services

SPCA International Global Animal Rescue

The SPCA International Global Animal Rescue has been active helping animals world-wide since 2006.  They have shelter support funds, and help pets who have been left behind in war zones. They also provide veterinary medical supplies to volunteer rescue groups around the world.

Learn more here about SPCA

World Wildlife Federation

The WWF has a wildlife crime initiative. Since 2014 this initiative has worked to stop cruel animal trafficking and poaching of wild animals like elephants, tigers, and gorillas.

Watch this U.S Department of State video on world wildlife crime.

International Marine Mammal Project

This project helps end captivity for orcas, whales, and dolphins. They have worked for more than 30 years to expose abuses at SeaWorld and other aquariums around the world.

Watch their video about wild dolphins to learn why dolphins should not be in captivity.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

PETA is the largest anti-animal cruelty organization in the world, with 6.5 million members and supporters.

PETA focuses its efforts on four main areas of animal cruelty:   laboratory testing, animals in the food industry, abuse of animals by the clothing industry, and animal abuse in entertainment.  

See their video of Paul McCartney singing about ending lab abuse of animals.


Protecting the World’s Abused and Neglected Animals