Municipal Ordinances Protecting Animals

Many cities have laws protecting the rights of animals. For example, Ansonia (Connecticut) restricts the number of cats someone can own. In Turin, a dog owner is fined if he or she walks their dog less than three times each day.

Some cities have stepped up to protect animals in the circus industry. According to the Animal Legal and Historical Center at Michigan State University, "In Biloxi, Mississippi, the city has enacted an ordinance prohibits performing animal (or circuses in which animals are induced or encouraged to perform through the use of chemicals, mechanical, electrical or manual devices in any manner which is likely to cause physical suffering or injury to the animals. Also, the ordinance mandates that animals are given sufficient food and water and not tied or staked along any public thoroughfares. In a similar vein, Las Vegas, Nevada has an entire section devoted to the duties of professional animal handlers with regard to their animals."

To read about some of these laws go to the website of The Animal Legal and Historical Center at Michigan State University

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