Mile High Animal Welfare Update

I live in Colorado so I am happy to say the state legislature is considering a new animal protection law in 2020.

The new law would help end cruelty of puppy mills and some animal breeders. According to Mile High Dog magazine, Colorado had 200 dog breeders in 2018; 67 of these breeders had more than 25 dogs on site. There are many problems with having so many dogs in one space. According to the animal rights organization,,

  • Dogs are kept in unsanitary conditions and have to sit and sleep in their own waste.

  • Puppies are often taken from their mothers at a young age, and end up with behavior problems.

  • Dogs are breed constantly until they wear out and are destroyed.

  • Dogs are kept in tiny, cramped cages stacked on top of each other, with little room for play or exercise.

Unfortunately, 90% of all puppies bought at pet stores are from puppy mills. That's why it's better to adopt dogs from individuals or from shelters. I must admit that my family purchased our long haired dachshund from a breeder but this person only had a few dogs and lots of room for them to run around on her large rural property.

Colorado's new bill (HB20-1084), if passed, would make sure all dog breeders were small and more humane, like the one our family visited. The bill would illegalize large puppy mills and make sure all breeders treated their dogs well. According to Mile High Dog, key provisions of the bill are as follows:

  • Prohibit the stacking of cages on top of each other or suspending of cages from the ceiling.

  • Require that dogs have an opportunity to exercise in an area large enough for them to play and run.

  • Prohibit a female dog from being bred more than six times in her lifetime.

  • Require screenings and approval from a veterinarian before a dog can be bred.

  • Require breeders to re-home dogs rather than disposing of them.

  • Require those selling to consumers, even if they are out of state, to also meet these upgraded standards, as well as all cur-rent Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) standards. This includes sales made over the internet and through pet stores.

  • Prohibit the sale of dogs/cats in parking lots or at flea markets.

  • Prohibit shelters and rescues from buying dogs from breeders, brokers or auctions.

  • Require pet stores to prove to the Department of Agriculture (USDA) they are sourcing from breeders that meet Colorado standards... At a minimum they will need to get signed affi-davits from breeders and post breeder info in pet stores.

This is a very good law that Colorado is considering passing. However upon this writing I am sorry to say that the Colorado legislature has suspended its session because of coronavirus. Hopefully when the coronavirus passes they remember to protect our animals.

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